Often, conflicting goals must be met when choosing joining techniques for automotive manufacturing. On one hand, mixed-material construction on new vehicles requires special bonding materials and techniques - especially in lightweight materials like composites and aluminum. On the other hand, added complexity and variety on a body shop assembly line are not desirable - for a number of practical and economic reasons.


Increasing model variety and growth of e-vehicle mass production really bring these issues to light - especially for bonding in battery systems.

However, some joining concepts - adhesives, in particular - have risen to the challenge with regard to performance, efficiency and applicability. These successes and other developments will be shared at the upcoming Joining in Carbody Engineering conference, April 9-11 in Bad Nauheim Germany.


Sika, a leading solution in provider in automotive sealing, bonding, damping and reinforcing will be presenting at the conference as both a booth exhibitor, and with two featured speakers.

Michael Gutgsell - Sika Automotive Manager for Body Shop Adhesives

“New Lightweight Concepts Require New Bonding Solutions”

Tuesday, 9 April 2019 - 12:15 PM

Sabine Wenig, Sika Automotive Structural Mechanics Expert

“Crash Simulation: Transfer of Cohesive Zone Model From BIW Adhesives to Other Adhesives and Interfaces”

Tuesday, 9 April 2019 - 2:45 PM

Our representatives from R&D, CAE and Product Marketing look forward to meeting you at Booth #1 to answer your questions.

For more information about Sika technologies, visit sikaautomotive.com.

There are still tickets available for the conference at http://www.automotive-circle.com/Conferences/Joining-in-Car-Body-Engineering-2019