Sika’s Global Business unit comprised of Sika Automotive and Sika Advanced Resins announces its participation at the Battery Show Europe May 7-9, 2019, in Stuttgart, Germany. Representatives from Sika Automotive as well as Sika Advanced Resins will feature their latest innovative solutions for New Energy Vehicle specific systems including battery, e-motors and power electronic components. Sika will be exhibiting in booth number 447.

Sika will be featuring its latest solutions for thermal management in battery systems including silicone-free thermal conductive adhesives and gap fillers providing the best performance for optimum heat transfer in battery packs and modules, and intumescent coatings which aid to actively delay fire spread in battery system enclosures to regulations.

With more than 3 decades of bonding and sealing experience in the industry, Sika Automotive leverages a pole position with its proven bonding and sealing systems to tackle the new challenges of battery housing assembly - featuring products with especially outstanding adhesion on plain metals and chemical resistance to glycols and transmission fluids.

Sika Advanced Resins provides a broad range of thermal conductive silicone-free potting solutions for on-board NEV power electronic systems such as OBC, power convertors, harness connectors and grommets, and various systems control electronics. Highlighted will be recently developed 2-component epoxy resins for e-motor stator encapsulation that enhance motor performance as well as facilitate design and weight reduction; all while offering key manufacturing process throughput improvements over traditional products.

Sika, as an industry leading specialty chemical group has over 100 years of extensive knowledge in bonding, sealing, damping, reinforcing and protecting.  Our Global Business rapidly transfers benefits of the extensive Sika group R&D efforts throughout our global network into developing market arenas, including new energy vehicles.


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