Sika Automotive launches the SikaBaffle 400 series - a new product family of high performing, heat-expandable cavity sealers for acoustic damping and moisture sealing. 


Typically used as acoustic cavity sealers, SikaBaffle®-400 series products also provide outstanding performance as a barrier against water intrusion. 


Products from the new 400-series family are available at different expansion rates to perfectly fit specific applications in the vehicle structure to optimize material usage. The SikaBaffle-400 series offers excellent cavity sealing properties across a wider range of baking temperatures than previous products - even under the variable bake schedules used in the automotive industry. 


SikaBaffle-400 series products are designed in line with Sika's strategy to delivery technologies in line with the latest automotive industry market trends: 


Globalization & Competitiveness:   

  • Available globally, supplied locally   
  • Optimized material usage with wide range of design flexibility   
  • Best cost/performance for high-, mid-, and low production volumes 


Product performance:   

  • Excellent acoustic damping and water sealing   
  • Full range of expansion rates and baking temperatures, including low bake and in cold zones   
  • Fully seals at larger gaps, seams, including after thermal expansion of substrates during multiple-bake processes   
  • Compatible with new substrates used in lightweight construction



  • Products enable lighter weight vehicle body designs, better able to meet emissions requirements


The first released product from the new 400 series is SikaBaffle-455, a very high-expansion cavity sealer with improved acoustic properties and excellent watertight performance. Thanks to its homogenous expansion properties, SikaBaffle-455 applications can be designed to optimize material usage without excess material - supporting vehicle lightweighting initiatives. Its outstanding sealing properties ensure a complete seal under production conditions - i.e. multiple bake schedules - and also during real aging of the vehicle.SikaBaffle-455 has been released at major OEMs and is globally available.