Sika Global Features Innovative Lightweighting Solutions at GALM Asia 2018 Conference

Sika Automotive is proud to be the headline sponsor and presenter at the Global Automotive Lightweight Materials Asia conference for 2018, July 31 through August 1, in Shanghai.


Lightweighting is still a key driver in the automotive market and Sika Automotive is a major player with bonding solutions for a wide range of body-in-white applications, including steel, aluminum, carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP), and mixed-material construction. At the Asia edition of the GALM SERIES of Conferences, Sika Automotive is proud to feature its innovative solutions in a presentation, by Elyes Jendoubi, Sika's Head of Automotive R&D Asia Pacific.


Jendoubi's presentation "Engineering Future Vehicles: Leveraging Advanced Solutions For Maximum Benefit" is scheduled for 10:45 AM on July 31 and will cover the following key topics:   

  • Novel structural adhesives for the joining of mixed materials in BIW incorporating compensation for Delta / Alpha challenges   
  • Ultra-high modulus products for use in the "Cold Body Shop Concept" and component assembly processes   
  • Targeted solutions using engineered reinforcement concepts for component protection, occupant safety and NVH improvements


The continuing challenges of car body lightweighting are being solved by the use of high strength steel, aluminum, magnesium and other non-traditional materials such as CFRP. The use of such materials requires new joining solutions and new design concepts to solve emerging challenges: delta-alpha effect of using different type of materials, noise vibration harshness (NVH) issues due to intensive use of ultra-high strength steel (UHSS), use of thinner and lighter substrates, adhesion and contact corrosion on new substrates. Safety regulations further challenge automakers to maintain performance, but with less mass.


As a lightweighting solution provider, Sika Automotive will present some real life manufacturing cases using SikaPower®, SikaReinforcer® and Sikaflex® that deliver performance with less impact on CO2 emissions.


For more information, see Mr. Elyes Jendoubi at conference hall for his speech, contact our Sika delegates directly at the event, or visit


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