Sika Automotive is a winner in the 2018 Altair Enlighten Awards, in the category of "Enabling Technology." Sika is honored to be a winner among the field of 56 finalists across three award categories.

Sika's winning product is an ultra-lightweight, constrained layer material system for damping structure-borne noise. Produced by FAIST ChemTec, a Sika Company specializing in acoustic solutions, the system can yield higher acoustic damping performance with an 80 % weight savings over other technologies. This particular product is already in serial production with the BMW i3, delivering excellent performance with less weight.

The average amount of acoustic material in a midsize sedan is about 2 square meters. SikaDamp®-Ultralight constrained layer damping system offers potential weight savings of over 7 kg, or 15.4 pounds, for the average vehicle.

"Sika Automotive is honored to receive the Altair Enlighten Award for the ultra-lightweight constrained layer damping system," says Tim Smith, President of Faist ChemTec USA. "The innovation exemplifies the hard work of Sika's Faist ChemTec R&D and NVH development teams, which brought forth the most effective and lightest NVH damper in the industry. This recognition validates Sika Automotive's leadership position in both body structure lightweighting capabilities and NVH technologies. Of course, this achievement would not be possible without the open partnership between Sika and our automotive OEM customers."

This is Sika's fist time winning the Enlighten Award, after having been a finalist four times previously. The Altair Enlighten Award is intended to honor the greatest achievements in vehicle weight savings each year; to inspire interest from industry, engineering, policymakers, educators, students and the public; to create further competition for new ideas in the industry; and to provide an incentive to share technological advances.

The 2018 Altair Enlighten Award was presented Monday, July 30 at the 2018 CAR Management Briefing Seminar in Traverse City, Michigan.


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