Sika Automotive "Benefits Beyond the Bond" campaign wins German Brand Award

We are proud to announce that Sika Automotive has received a Winner award in the
category "Transport and Mobility" in the 2017 German Brand Contest for the new
marketing campaign BENEFITS BEYOND THE BOND. The competition, hosted in Germany by the German Design Council, founded in 1953, awards outstanding product and communication design, and draws attention to the fundamental importance of brand and brand design in the automotive industry. The focus is on the holistic and consistent presentation of the brand across all media and products.


A competition with such diverse design aspects requires an internationally
compiled, independent jury of experts, which is composed of representatives of
the media, design, brand communication and the universities. Such is the case
with the annual German Design Council awards contest.


Sika Automotive launched the marketing theme "Lighter, Stronger, Safer, Quieter, and
Greener; BETTER VEHICLES START WITH SIKA" in early 2015.  Now this message is
strengthened by an additional, award-winning series of communications
positioning Sika product contributions in digital format at - including a series of new infographics catching the global automotive mega trends lightweighting, mixed material bonding, occupant safety and sustainability contributions. Additionally, the topics of Value Added Innovation and Integrated Solutions exhibit how Sika products together provide maximum benefit in the assembly of vehicles.


The ceremonial handover of the award will take place on 29 June 2017 in Berlin,