Electric cars are the future. The planned regulations mean they will soon be seen on every road. Automakers are changing their mindset – and they can rely fully on Sika for support with the new vehicle technologies.

Combustion engines are coming under pressure. Manipulated emission figures triggered huge debates on diesel drive. In an effort to combat high urban air pollution and meet CO2 targets, numerous countries are planning to end new gasoline and diesel car sales. Norway aims to impose a ban on new combustion engines from 2025; India from 2030; China, France, and the UK from 2040.

Electricity is giving mobility fresh impetus. Which translates into challenges as well as opportunities for the automobile industry. And added potential for Sika.

competitively priced electric cars round the corner

The ambitious targets are giving electro mobility a boost. “Electric cars are clearly the future,” says acclaimed auto expert Professor Ferdinand Dudenhöffer. The auto industry is investing huge sums in sustainable mobility. Volkswagen, Daimler, and Renault – all long-standing customers of Sika – intend to spend tens of billions on the development and production of clean and efficient vehicles. Tata, India’s largest carmaker, is bringing their first battery-powered automobile on to the market in 2018. By 2023, electric cars should cost as much as conventional diesel or gasoline vehicles thanks to cheaper batteries and lower maintenance outlays.

The challenges of design and soundproofing

As the auto industry undergoes radical change, it faces major challenges. The lightweight construction, the multi-material design — based on new as well as very different materials and composites — and the static changes necessary to accommodate the battery call for new car body solutions. At the same time, interior soundproofing poses a greater challenge than before. Heat management, insulation, and fire protection are becoming even more crucial as the number of electronic components gets bigger and increasingly powerful batteries are used.

Sika is ready

Sika is equipped for the future. “We have the technologies to support car manufacturers on the road to electro mobility,” says Dave Jones, Head of Global Automotive. Sika’s structural adhesives and structural strengthening components stiffen the newly designed car bodies and optimize crash performance. Sika cavity-sealing acoustic systems noticeably reduce the significantly more audible tire and wind noise in the vehicle interior. Numerous other Sika solutions are used to assemble, seal, protect, and thermally manage batteries as well as provide sufficient insulation and encapsulation of electric components. In addition to reducing the vehicle’s weight, Sika products also increase its safety and comfort. The new demands spell enormous potential: Sika aims to reach on average 20% more sales per electric car than for internal-combustion engine vehicles.

The Future is driving with Sika

Tesla has a strong vested interest in helping the electric car to achieve a breakthrough. Whenever the ambitious carmaker comes up against challenges during the development process, Sika is on hand with customized engineering services and cutting-edge technologies. This means protection for the environment and protection for vehicle occupants.

Maximum power, minimum space

The success of electric cars depends on powerful long-range batteries. Sika has developed novel products that allow more energy to be packed into the batteries.

Electric buses for better air quality

The smog in Chinese megacities poses a health hazard. This has led the authorities to introduce electric buses on local public transport systems. And Sika is on board.