Advanced process materials for the automotive industry

The demand for eco-friendlier vehicles is on the rise; the search for lighter vehicles, fuel efficiency, “greener” energy sources, and reducing pollutant emissions is a growing concern worldwide. Not only quality, safety and security aspects but also the environmental performance of the automobile is a key aspect for the consumer and for the manufacturer.

Sika supplies advanced process materials to the Automotive Industry. This Industry is constantly facing new challenges and demands in terms of safety and of environment, and Sika can support the Industry respond to those needs, with high-performance, innovative solutions for bonding, damping, reinforcing, or sealing.

SikaReinforcer® technology in the automotive industry
Structural Reinforcement

SikaReinforcer® (SR) can be used for structural reinforcement of cavities and for crash reinforcing. The latter’s aim is to absorb the impact energy or redistribute it in an optimum way.

SikaPower for increased crash resistance
Structural Sealing and Bonding

SikaPower® (SP) adhesives and sealants are heat-curing products based on epoxy hybrid technology. They increase crash resistance. Result: lower carbon emissions due to less fuel consumption.