Roof Module Bonding

Safe and Reliable Solutions

In today’s fast-paced automotive manufacturing processes, roof systems need to be bonded and then transported to final assembly within a very short time. This makes a high-strength bond during the initial curing process (known as green strength) essential because it ensures the reliability and efficiency of the bonding system. We offer a variety of polyurethane technologies that allow for fast handling and durable joining in roof module bonding.

More and more parts are designed with weight reduction as a key goal, but parts made from plastics and hybrid materials with thin plastic substrates are susceptible to marking. Sikaflex® Booster solutions have a low modulus, which helps prevent marking, while still meeting the high quality requirements of these applications.

Sika Booster technologies are engineered for fast adhesion build up, which helps prevent delamination under stress and allows OEMs to meet their needs for flexibility and shorter cycle times. Sika pretreatment agents help to ensure highly reproducible and safe processes, and are available in UV-detectable formulations (to enable the detection of pretreatment for inline quality control).


  • Roof modules
  • Roof covers
  • Ideal for use with polycarbonate-based substrates


  • Cost reduction – faster handling time (accelerated adhesive, fast adhesion build up): short line, less storage time and space
  • Well-suited to just-in-time production
  • Cures independently of the environmental conditions
  • Bubble-free – innovative iCure® technology