Headlamp Bonding

A Full Range Approach That Meets the Highest Technical Requirements

As headlamps have grown increasingly complex in design, so have the technologies required to bond and seal them. Sika has been providing adhesives for headlights since the mid 90’s, when the lens changed from inorganic glass to PC (polycarbonate). Since that time, headlights have increased significantly in size and become an important part of vehicle styling.

We have several proven technologies for headlight bonding, that offer excellent adhesion to the PC lens, its coatings, and the PP and PBT housings used in todays advanced designs. From a process perspective, our adhesives allow the required post bond leakage test to be done in a very short time. Their high strength and elastic properties make them an excellent choice for bonding PC and PP.

Our third generation Sikaflex® PU hotmelts are the result of a process of continuous development in headlight bonding. Sika offers 1C and 2C Sikasil® Silicones with excellent heat resistance (a critical requirement for fog lamps or hotmelts) as well as 2C PU adhesives, to cover the entire range of headlamp bonding adhesives.


  • Headlamps
  • Rear lamps
  • Fog lamps


  • Reduction of waste – long workability
  • Fast processing – specially designed material and good pumpability
  • Immediate initial strength at room temperature
  • Excellent heat resistance