High-Strength Bonding for Structural Applications

HSB (High Strength Bonding) is a new technology which combines the use of complex injection-molded carriers (SikaStructure®) and a structural adhesive (SikaPower®) to bond it into targeted sections of car bodies. This new generation of structural adhesive products offers exceptional adhesion properties across a wide range of substrates and opens up a new range of structural design possibilities.


SikaPower® is delivered as a bulk material and is applied in combination with SikaStructure carriers. SikaPower® adhesive beads are applied to the surface of the SikaStructure® carrier ensuring a strong bond between the part and the sheet metal. The structural inserts can be robotically or manually inserted into the vehicle cavity.


Sika provides a range of different type of SikaPower® materials for high strength bonding applications:

  • Tensile strength up to 30 MPa
  • Adapted viscosities (cold or warm applied)
  • Very good adhesion properties on Sikastructure carriers, as well as metal materials
  • High specific washout resistance
  • Bonding on various substrates and oils
  • Superior mechanical properties
  • Easy application and workability
  • Long shelf life


  • High performing structural adhesive bonding
  • Very high-performing in crash tests (low and smooth intrusion)
  • Greater design freedom - can be created for any 3-dimensional shape
  • Expanding foam helps compensate for, and reduce, gaps in the structural assembly
  • Multimaterial design
  • Weight saving
  • Cost savings
  • Corrosion prevention
  • Reduction of maintenance

Repair Solution - SikaPower®

Two Component Adhesives with High Crash-Performance

SikaPower®-477 R is a two component (2C) structural adhesive based on epoxy/amine technology. It features a new generation of toughener that reduces crack sensitivity and improves crash performance. This allows for a high-quality structural, as well as crash-resistant, repair of steel and aluminum body parts.

SikaPower®-477 R provides excellent adhesion with a wide range of substrates like steel, aluminum and carbon-fiber-reinforced-plastic. High mechanical properties also help ensure the car can be restored to its original condition without any compromise of structural integrity.

SikaPower®-477 R cures at room temperature, however, the curing time can be accelerated by heating the product after application, which improves mechanical performance. A long open time (approx. 60 minutes) also allows for additional processing operations such as welding or riveting. Contact on both substrates provides good corrosion protection.


SikaPower®-477 R offers easy application with a standard 1C application gun at room
temperature. The bonding surface is prepared with a three-step “cleaning – grinding – cleaning” process. SikaPower®-477 R is applied on both sides of the bonding area, and can be cured either at room temperature or using infrared, blanket or other heating processes.


  • Excellent crash-resistance performance
  • High Young’s Modulus
  • Wide adhesion range – to steel, aluminum and carbon-fiber-reinforced plastics
  • High glass transition temperature


  • Increased stiffness
  • Improved longevity (corrosion, fatigue)
  • u-TAH cartridge “2 in 1”