Insert Repair

Fast, Safe Repair Solutions for Structural Inserts

As today’s vehicles – and the processes required to manufacture them – become more and more complex, so has the need for solutions that make repairing them possible. For example, in the body shop, heat is used to expand and cure the foam that bonds structural inserts to the vehicle structure. When repairing the vehicle in a garage, building prototypes or re-working new vehicles, these heating processes are unavailable.

To help overcome this challenge, Sika has developed a two-component, epoxy-based adhesive technology, SikaReinforcer®-900 R. It cures at ambient temperature and can be used to bond most SikaStructure® components – making for fast, easy repairs.


  • A- and B- Pillar
  • Roof rail
  • Door striker
  • Rear edge


  • Local stiffness
  • Robust and safe repair process
  • Suitable for bonding a variety of different substrates
Structural Insert Products

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