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SikaPower® body shop sealant is a one-part, cold-applied, humidity or thermal pre-curable, heat-curing sealant based on epoxy and polyurethane, and is specifically designed for sealing seams and joints in sheet metal assembly work in the body shop.

The sealant forms a thin skin, at ambient temperature, within approx. four hours of exposure to atmospheric moisture. This makes it resistant to wash out and overpaintable in the e-coat process. It can also be used to bond oily substrates because oil uptake (during heat curing) is an essential part of the application process.

SikaPower® seam sealing material can be applied by robot or manually, and is brushable.


  • Sealing A pillars
  • Header tank sealing
  • Aluminum and steel sealing


  • Pre-curing through exposure to atmospheric moisture
  • Can be electro- or powder-coated after moisture pre-curing
  • Wash-out resistance
  • Adheres to oily substrate
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