We support the development of our employees to allow them to manage the increasing requirements regarding business process changes, changing competitor- and customer behaviour and growing customer demands.


Sika builds on employees with a wide range of functional and professional skills. We support management, functional and cross functional career paths. Technical and functional expertise are valued as much as managerial and leadership skills. Teamwork, sharing of experience and willingness to continuously challenge, learn and develop in all aspects of professionalism are fundamental for a rewarding career within Sika.


Our conduct vis-à-vis customers, suppliers, competitors, authorities and the public is governed by high ethical standards. We allow for mistakes but we do not compromise on integrity and ethical standards. Sika cares for employees supporting an honest, open and respectful work environment.


Sika encourages its employees to perceive tasks and responsibilities as a personal commitment. We firmly believe that, committed employees make the most effort to improve their skills to meet highest standards of performance and ethical conduct.

Sika Spirit

Together, we celebrate our success which is driven by professional expertise, passion and integrity based personalities in enthusiastic teams working across functions, nationalities and hierarchy. They create an environment that secures the achievements of our ambitious targets. Sika employees call it the “Sika Spirit”.