Trust is result and promise in one. What counts is not only what we say, but
above all what we do. So we asked Sika employees the world over from a
wide variety of areas and roles what they understand by “Building Trust” and
what they do to honor this claim. The answers make it clear: Trust and quality
do not simply happen. They have to be achieved anew each day.

Josip Tomljenovic

Regional Sales Manager, Croatia

Being a pioneer means to be the best, to pave the way for the best solution, to be close to the customer. In collaboration with my partners innovation permeates my work and provides facts for better sales.

Mario Silva

Technical Department, Uruguay

17 years as Sika employee and 24 years as customer before that have shown me that trust is at the core.

Hanaa Adbel Hamid

Target Market Manager Refurbishment, Egypt

My country is going through a difficult change. The support of the Sika family gives me confidence.

Raul Duarte

Construction Sales Representative, Sika Portugal

"A company with over 100 years of existence can only meet the needs of an increasingly demanding market with a great capacity for innovation. With 42 years of career at Sika, I work daily to gain, maintain and increase the confidence of our customers."


Haider ali Malhi

Target Market Manager Concrete, Pakistan

For me, building trust is about establishing bonds that create synergies and genuine respect.

Ngyen Thi Yen

Purchasing and Customer Service Supervisor, Vietnam

Building trust means success for everyone.

David Svoboda

Sales Target Market Concrete and Target Market Waterproofing, Czech Republic

We are the customer´s partner, friend, colleague and assistant in solving complicated challenges.

Gabriel Carpentier

Sales representative Residential Construction, Sealing & Bonding, Refurbishment and Waterproofing, Canada

Sika symbolizes quality. Customers tell us that every time we present our product offering.

Angela Wei

Research & Development Manager, China

We innovate reliable products and ensure customers can trust our quality.

Christophe Bind

Industrial and Export Sales Manager, UK

Everbuild is one of the newest members of the Sika family, so trust is very important – for our customers and among colleagues.

Christine Kaltsis-Morey

Quality Control Lab Manager, USA

Transparency builds trusted partnerships with our customers, suppliers and colleagues.

Benedict Blank

Production, Germany

Consistently high product quality is a requirement that my team and I are committed to meeting every day.

Holman Togora

Sales Support Administrator, Colombia

We have succeeded in overcoming economic crises primarily thanks to the commitment of all our employees.

Martin Konstanzer

Department Manager Scale-Up, R&D Sealing & Bonding, Switzerland

We take responsibility from the laboratory through to ultimate use by our customers.

Alvin Lin

Specification Engineer, Singapore

We give architects and consultants a foundation so that they choose Sika from basement to roof.

Johanna Göbl

Office Manager and HR Manager, Hungary

Sika's community spirit is vital to success, as it also determines our relationship with our customers.

Nicole Medel

Accounting, Chile

We are always on the look-out for innovative ideas that contribute to Sika's development. That’s how we build trust.

Dave Tito

Warehouse Operations, New Zealand

I work hard on building good, honest relationships with contractors, purchasers and reps.

Miloudi Nafil

Courier, Morocco

The people who work at Sika build me up. That drives me to do my best.